Follow our maintenance instructions to make the most out of your tableware.


When handwashing Grand Wazir cutlery, avoid using abrasive scrubs or steel wire scourers. After use, be sure to wash off any food remains as soon as possible with hot water and a neutral detergent.


Your flatware is dishwasher safe. Minimize prolonged contact with the dishwasher steam by removing it as soon as the wash cycle ends. Thoroughly clean each item with a soft dry cloth.

Knife blades

Take extra care of knife blades. Steel, which gives higher cutting power and hardness, may be less resistance to oxidation. Make sure knives are washed immediately after use and well dried before before putting them away in a dry place.

Use Liquid

For darker handles to last longer and maintain a more colorful hue, we suggest applying a moisturizing lotion or a few drops of vegetable oil.


Due to the percentage of carbon in all knive blades and the existence of copper in Gold and Rose Gold coating, it is advisable not to use aggressive, chlorine-based or anti limescale detergents, as they may stain or rust.

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